February 13, 2021

What Parish Ministry Leaders Need to Know About ComeFollow.Me

Our mission at ComeFollow.Me is to assist disciples on the journey. While we offer many resources and opportunities for individuals on our site, the primary mission is to make ComeFollow.Me a place for parishes, dioceses, and other ministry groups to offer an online space to supplement the ministry they are already doing. In short, we’re not trying to replace ordinary ministry in the Church, but we are wanting to enhance it and make more possible. Here are some ways that we do this:

Private Communities

Many groups have found it very beneficial to create a space online where already existing communities can “continue the conversation” beyond their regular meetings. Online communities offer a space to share ideas/resources, prayer intentions, and continue the discussions around the clock. Want to create a community? Create one here!

Online Studies

It’s not necessary to get together to watch videos or to read books. Online studies make it possible to “do the work” on your own time so your time together can be spent diving deeper into the discussion or simply enjoying each other’s time. At ComeFollow.Me we can set up private studies, discussion boards, etc. Having these studies on the same platform as your community keeps everything in one place.

Duplicated Offerings

Do you see an online program, book study, mini-course, etc. that you’d like to take a group of people through? Let us know and we can set up a private version of it just for you and your group!  For example, if you would like to have your community go through the Kickstart Your Relationship With Jesus mini-course together, we’d love to make that happen.  Just let us know!

Leader Support

Leaders of groups and communities can also receive ministry support through our platform. You can join a community of Ministry Leaders to ask questions, share ideas and resources, collaborate on various programming (which you can also put on our platform for free!), etc. Over time we’ll be developing a leadership portal with additional training and resources geared towards ministry leaders (priests, youth ministers, DRE’s, etc.).

In short, we truly want to partner with you to make ComeFollow.Me a home for individuals that are desiring to follow Jesus. If you need anything, are looking for something in particular, or just want to toss around some ideas, we’d love to chat. Our platform is here for you!

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Eric Gallagher is the founder of ComeFollow.Me. He hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife and four children. Eric has a deep love for helping others grow in their spiritual life and teaching them about prayer and discernment. He has worked full-time in church ministry since 2003. Eric also holds a Masters of Theology from the Augustine Institute.

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