The Consecration to St. Joseph is a 33-day preparation program for anyone interested in growing in their relationship with St. Joseph and consecrating themselves to them. How it works: You'll need to purchase the text (you can purchase it here).  Each day, for 33 days, you'll read from the book.  Our platform provides a space to reflect, share, and discuss with others as you go through it. There are two options to go through this consecration using our platform:

Independent / Community Wide Preparation

You're welcome to join our community wide preparation.  We went through the preparation together leading up to the Solemnity of St. Joseph on March 19, 2021.  This content is available to our community for free.
Join for Free

Lead a Group Through It

Many who go through the consecration are eager to share their experience with others.  One of our Patron Perks is that we're happy to "duplicate" our programs and allow you to host a private version of it, inviting your friends and family to go through it together.