Posting an Event to the Community

We are thrilled about the way our platform helps others to know of opportunities available to them either locally on online.   Thank you for the work you’re doing in organizing an event for others.  First off, where are wanting to list your event?

Listing an Event in our Site-Wide Directory

We are very open to listing your event in our directory if it makes sense to.  Here are a few guidelines:

  • event must promote teachings in line with the Catholic faith.
  • event must be open to and targeted at the general Come Follow Me demographic.

We’ll continue to add to these guidelines over time as they are continually developing.  We want to be very clear that the vision of our platform is to “assist disciples on the journey.”  One of the greatest ways we can do this is by exposing them to richness through a diverse offering of events.  At the same time, we care deeply about those in our platform and won’t hesitate to refuse listing events that we do not think are right at this time.


As long as your event is free and doesn’t include any upsells or anything throughout the event, your listing will be free.  If your event had a registration fee or set up in some way as profitable event, we’ll either charge a small listing fee or are happy to work out an arrangement where we can promote the event in other ways with you.

Whether it’s a live stream of a parish mission, a Zoom call to bring everyone together in prayer, or a listing of a large national event, we’re open to listing it if it will be of interest to those in our community.

We are slowly developing our intake process for requests like this and developing our guidelines for the community.  We want so badly to ensure this is a space where people and organizations can share freely what God is doing in them.  Thank you for your patience.

If you have questions, shoot us an email at

To get listed, start by telling us about your event below.

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