We truly desire Come Follow Me to be a place where disciples share what they’ve received with other disciples.  Here are the current ways we are seeking contributions to our site.

We have a growing community and lots of great things going on.  In order to protect the integrity of our platform, we need moderators that can keep an eye on things and keep us apprised of any violation of our community guidelines.

This is a volunteer role.  We are looking for trusted individuals that communicate well and can commit to be active in the community throughout the week.

We are always looking for guests for our With You Always Podcast.   This involves recording a simple 5-8 minute reflection on either the readings for the day, the feast day, or on more “ordinary” days a simple sharing of something that God has been doing in your life.   We’ll be there to give you some direction, including a good app to use for recording.

If you’re interested in contributing to the podcast, reach out to Trish at tirvine@cofome.com and she’ll be happy to get you started.

Our continually growing blog is quickly becoming one of the greatest treasures on our platform.  Currently we are posting one new blog post a week, but we’d love to post more.  Our blog includes; tips and resources on discipleship, reflections, instruction on prayer, answering questions on the faith, and more.  If it will further our mission of assisting disciples on the journey, we’ll take it!

If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, please reach out to Trish at tirvine@cofome.com, she’ll be happy to provide you with more information, blogger guidelines, payment details, and more.

One thing we know is that individuals can be very passionate about something.  Our founder, Eric Gallagher, would LOVE to sit and teach individuals how to pray, what St. Francis de Sales teaches, how to discern God’s will in a choice, etc. If he could, he would do this with every second of his day.

What is your passion?

We built this platform so individuals would have a space to share what they love, to share what God has given them.  If you are interested in offering any sort of program or event on our site, please reach out to us.  Some examples might include;

  • leading the Rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy in our Community
  • leading a book study on your favorite book
  • starting a bible study for the whole community
  • teaching a 4-5 weeks series on a topic of your choice

The options are endless, but most importantly we want it to be something you’re passionate about and something that can be done when it makes most sense for you.

Reach out to Eric at eric@cofome.com if you’re interested. 

We are happy to pay for your contribution to the community in this way!

If you have any other ideas, just let us know!

Looking to Partner?

If you’re a publisher, professional speaker, academic institution, etc. and you’d like to partner in any way, please reach out.  We truly want to assist disciples on the journey and we know that Come Follow Me can’t be the end all be all for individuals.  If we can work together in leading souls deeper into relationship with Jesus, we’re in!