January 24, 2021

Book Recommendations For Those Just Getting Started in Their Faith

So, you’re ready to start taking your faith seriously?  Reading is a great way to really dive into the various elements of the faith.  Below is a list of recommendations based on the various interests you might have.

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On Prayer & the Spiritual Life

On Starting Out Your Journey of Faith

Standard Texts on Various Topics

Know of Others?

These suggestions are intended to be just an overview of some great books to get started with.  If you have specific topics you’re looking for, please let us know in the community!

Eric Gallagher is the founder of ComeFollow.Me. He hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife and four children. Eric has a deep love for helping others grow in their spiritual life and teaching them about prayer and discernment. He has worked full-time in church ministry since 2003. Eric also holds a Masters of Theology from the Augustine Institute.

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